• Thank you for your interest in volunteer service with Osceola County Animal Services! We are glad that you interested in volunteering with us to make a positive impact with both our community and our animals.  As you transition through our levels of volunteer commitment, we want to make sure that we have the same expectations of progression, procedures, and attendance.

    Teen Program Progression Chart:

    Introductory Term (Online Teen Team) – Completion of online learning modules.

    Orientation - 1st term (Red Team).

    • Area themed training.

    • Set schedule determined at start of term (attendance required or dismissal may occur).

    • Skill practice supervised directly by mentor.

    Meeting - 2nd term (Orange Team)

    • Area themed training as needed

    • Passed Skills Assessments

    Meeting - 3rd term (Blue Team)

    In order to be eligible to volunteer in the program, every teen, age 16-17 as well as teens 18 and older that are currently enrolled in high school, must agree to the following terms:
    • I agree to follow all policies and procedures of Osceola County Animal Services.
    • I agree to attend a mandatory Teen Program Meeting at the start of every term which I wish to volunteer during. - Terms: January (Spring), May (Summer), August (Fall)
    • I agree to volunteer during all mandatory sessions.
    • I agree to volunteer on a set schedule determined at the start of the term.
    • I agree to complete all mandatory homework assignments prior to the deadline.
    • I understand that any missed session or homework assignment will cause dismissal from this term.
    • I understand that I am responsible for reading all notifications, newsletters, and Volgistics information prior to volunteering at the shelter each session.
    • I understand that if I am interested in fostering an animal along with my parent/guardian that I need to speak directly with the volunteer supervisor prior to fostering. My parent/guardian must be present at all appointments and pick-ups.
    • I understand that all foster parents must be 18 years of age. Anyone 16-17 years of age will not be considered a foster parent and may not sign up to be a foster parent.
    • I understand that Osceola County Animal Services does not provide volunteer service hours for foster care. Fostering does not accrue hours.
    • I understand that I will receive documentation for service hours through Volgistics after I have completed the entire teen term.
    • I understand that any unethical, dishonest, unprofessional, or any behavior deemed inappropriate by Animal Services will cause immediate dismissal from the program and any hour documentation requests may be denied.
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