A way for kids, or anyone, to help the shelter

We have received many questions from young people in our community on how they can help the shelter save pets and improve the lives of the animals that we care for.  Although no one under the age of 16 can volunteer at our shelter, there is a way that anyone can help. That is by building simple do it yourself toys for our animals!

Below is a “recipe” for cooking up a simple toy that our cats and kittens can enjoy for hours.

Ring toys

Description: Ring toys are nice and light so cats and kittens can toss them into the air or carry in their mouth.  More fun abounds with the added yarn!

Supplies Needed:

  • empty cardboard paper towel or toilet tissue roll

  • yarn

  • scissors

Step 1: Cut the cardboard roll in sections no bigger than ¼ inch (or the size of your finger).

Step 2: Cut yarn into 6-8 inch pieces and tie one piece of yarn to each ring (Be sure to tie two knots so that it is secure and you have no loose sections where paws can get stuck).

Step 3: Donate to the shelter in a Zip Lock bag and be sure to include your name and address, and if you are part of a school or program service project on a piece of paper secured in the bag so we can thank you!


Build a ring toy - supplies needed
Ring toy - step 1
Step 1
Ring toy - step 2
Step 2








Step 3
Step 3