In Osceola County there is an animal ordinance. Animal Control Officers have the authority to issue citations for violations of the animal code. Citations can carry fines and requirements to appear before a hearing officer or in court. While the issuance of citations is typically reserved for more egregious violations of the code or when repeat offenses occur, they are issued at the discretion of each officer taking into

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Citation fees are issued according to the number of offenses you have had:

  • Failure to Obtain Tags: $50 to $200

  • Failure to Wear Tags: $50 to $200

  • Failure to Vaccinate: $100 to $400

  • At-Large / Improperly Confined: $100 to $400

  • Animal Creating Nuisance: $100 to $400

  • Aggressive Animal: $150 to $450

  • Failure to Properly Maintain Dangerous Dog: $500

  • Cruel Treatment of Animal: $500

  • Interference w/ Animal Control Officer: $500