dog teen volunteer pageWelcome to the teen volunteer introduction to Animal Services volunteering course. Thank you for your interest in helping us improve the lives of shelter animals.

This course work will provide you with the basic knowledge necessary to begin volunteering at the shelter. It mainly consists of self-contained online learning modules as well as some registration tasks that, when complete, will allow us to document your volunteer hours and provide you with official reports.

Below are a few quick reminders about this program.

  • The timeline for completing each task is of your own choosing; however, all tasks must becat - teen volunteer page successfully completed by the due date to receive any credit.

  • Tasks need to be completed in order, but you may complete as many at a time as you wish.

  • All links that will be required are in the left hand column below and on the main assignments page.

  • Official hours documentation will be sent to participants after each program section concludes for those who have completed all of the assignments by the end of the session.


Due date

Your first tasks- Apply and receive adult approval for participation

All interested in participating in the current session of the Student Volunteer Program must complete the following assignments. The links are available by clicking on the task.

  1. Complete the application by clicking here.

  2. Have a parent or guardian complete and sign the participation permission form.

If you do not wish to proceed with this program, please do not complete two assignments above.

Upon completion and submission of the above tasks, you are welcome to proceed to the assignments on the next page.

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