Published Thu May 20, 2021

Last nameLemus Guerreor
Zip code34744
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Street address2675 old Dixie Highway
First nameNubia
My current living situation is...I would rather not say.
Reason for surrenderMoving out of a house into a apartment and they don’t let me have pets in there
Phone(321) 830-3906
About the animal(s)Sobre el animal(es)
Number of animals to be discussed?3
Animal 1 nameCloe
Animal 1
Animal 1 speciesdog
Animal 1 dog breedChihuahua
Animal 1 size11 - 20 lbs
Has the animal 1 been spayed?no
Animal 1 age3 - 5 years
Animal 1 genderfemale
Animal 1 personality
  • good with dogs
  • good with small animals
  • good with small children
Has animal 1 ever bitten anybody?no
Does animal 1 have any known medical issues?no
Animal 1 photo
Animal 2
Animal 2 nameOreo
Animal 2 speciesdog
Animal 2 gendermale
Animal 2 dog breedChihuahua
Animal 2 size11 - 20 lbs
Has animal 2 been neutered?no
Animal 2 age9 - 12 months
Has animal 2 ever bitten anybody?no
Animal 2 personalitygood with dogs
Does animal 2 have any medical issues?no
Animal 2 photo
Animal 3
Animal 3 nameRanger
Animal 3 speciesdog
Animal 3 size31 - 40 lbs
Animal 3 gendermale
Animal 3 age3 - 5 years
Animal 3 personalitygood with dogs
Has animal 3 ever bitten anybody?no
Does animal 3 have any medical issues?no
Animal 3 photoAnimal 3 photo
Just a few more questions...Sólo unas pocas preguntas más...
How long have you had the animals?3 - 5 years
Reason(s) for concern - click all that apply.
  • moving
If moving, why can't pet(s) go?Because in the apartments won’t let me
Surrender necessaryyes
Staff member making appointment(s).ec
Send appointment emailyes
Multiple appointments?no
Date of appointment 102/09/2022
Time of appointment 110:00 AM
Surrender outcomeresolved by client