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Beginner team          Intermediate Team          Advanced team

Beginner team

Day 1 training

Your shelter introduction. Day 1 Training
sessions are conducted when possible.

Cat care

The first step to having access to
the cat rooms.


Photographing our adoptable

Pet profile production.

Use your writing skills to produce
effective profiles of adoptable animals.

Intermediate team

Team mentor.

Share your skills with team
members new to the organization.

Dog trainer.

Learn to train dogs in a logical, consistent
way based on research and experience.

Vet clinic volunteer.

Help care for animals before, during
and after medical procedures.

Advanced team

Adoption specialist

Assist staff and guests through
the entire adoption process.

Development & Marketing

Use your knowledge of media to
help us secure grant and other funding.

Transfer assistant

Transfer assistants help assess and move
animals to partner rescue organizations.

Beginner team

Shelter basics

The first online module that you will take.
It will introduce you to the shelter.

Dog care

The first step to learning how to walk,
bathe and work with dogs.

Guest care

Working with the public to help find
pets a forever home.


Bring a needy animal into your home for
a period of time. Mostly cats and kittens.

Intermediate team

Spanish language interpreter

Help our Spanish speaking guests by
answering question and conducting adoptions.

Team mentor.

Share your skills with team
members new to the organization.

Cat Pawsitive Team

Use Cat Pawsitive methods to train
adoptable cats.